New Dinosaurs: Nu Power Trio

New Dinosaurs is the power of three like you've never heard it before: trumpet, bass and percussion performing a dazzling high octane fusion of world music, deep grooves, classic power trio rock, and soaring jazz. It's the sound of three veteran monster musicians, each with their hands full of sonic machinery: Don Harris plays trumpet and flugelhorn through a sound effects pedalboard most lead guitarists would envy; Dave Anderson plays four, five, and six string basses of every possible shape and size, alternating between throbbing low end pulses and screaming guitaristic forays; Tyger MacNeal performs on a new hybrid kit of his own invention: a combination of traditional folkloric drums with roots in the Caribbean and Africa and electronic percussion that leaps into cyberspace, with ethnic loops, keyboard stabs, and mutating textures that defy description. Together the sound floats effortlessly from pensive soundscapes to churning global funk stomps to blistering jazz. New Dinosaurs takes the jam band concept to a place most of that genre's practitioners couldn't imagine, much less execute. Their collective résumés and experience span a who's who of modern music, from Tower of Power, Chic, Average White Band, Blood Sweat & Tears, and The Allman Bros., to Art Garfunkel and Jose Feliciano.

New Dinosaurs: the Nu sound of power times three.



From our first appearance on's concert series (as "Trillium"*) – May 3 2012:

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Hi5netTV May 3 2012:

59 Bank, New Milford CT 2011-2012:

The Fez, Stamford CT May 16 2012:

* We went through some indecisiveness regarding our name since the project's inception; originally we referred to ourselves as "DDT", from our initials, until the concensus was that the association with the infamous pesticide was less than desirable; next was "Trillium", as seen in the above video clips. We dropped that after seeing that half a dozen European metal bands had already taken it. Finally, a self-disparaging quip mid-conversation from Tyger about our being new dinosaurs in the music business because of our age and experience provided the perfect tongue-in-cheek band name we needed. We won't change it again, we promise!

All this really means is that we've already put ourselves in the unfortunate position of having to mumble the earlier names under our breath in conversation: "Oh! DDT! Sure... I heard you guys! I wasn't sure what you were talking about..."