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Dave Anderson is a bass player with over thirty years' experience performing and recording in a wide range of genres. His credits span a range of world class artists in jazz, R&B, pop, folk rock, fusion, world music, and more. His recent work includes associations with Bernie Williams Collective, Chieli Minucci & Special EFX, Jeff Kashiwa, Andy Snitzer, Bill Evans, Nelson Rangell, Steve Cole, Bob Baldwin, Lori Williams, Marion Meadows, Marc Antoine, and others. Past credits include Art Garfunkel, Blood Sweat & Tears, Smokey Robinson, Michael McDonald, Donna Summer, James Ingram, and numerous others. For more information, please follow the appropriate links from the menus above. You can stay in the loop and get info on appearances by checking the performances page and joining him on facebook. If you're an artist, producer, studio owner, contractor, or fellow musician you can contact Dave here, and peruse the audio and video pages for examples of his work.

Current News:

Spring/Summer 2024:

•2024 is already turning into a jam-packed, best-ever year as Dave juggles long-running connections with bands and artists and exciting new opportunities.

• Dave will be back as usual for Jay Rowe's Smooth Jazz for Scholars benefit concerts in Milford CT. Check the performances page for details.

•Bernie Williams returns to the Café Carlyle in NYC this April with Dave onboard as bassist and music director for The Collective.

• Dave's classic rock band Moveable Feast celebrates their fourth anniversary this spring! Check the performances page for appearances this summer.


Spring/Summer 2023:

•On the heels of last year's release by The Jones Factor, "The Time Is Now", leader John Fumasoli and the group are working on a new album project, with engineering and co-producing by Dave at Flying Squirrel studio, and by Jason Polise at his studio in Stamford CT.

• Dave's managing to fit some artist shows into his busy schedule this summer, with upcoming dates performing with Jeff Kashiwa, Bob Baldwin, Bernie Williams, Nelson Rangell, and more. Check the Performances page for details.

• Dave's classic rock band, Moveable Feast, has several special appearances slated for this summer! Don't miss a rare chance to hear and see the guys when they can all juggle their busy schedules and come together to rock out!

Spring/Summer 2022:

•Spring is here! Check the performances page for exciting upcoming dates locally with Jay & Friends, TRI/O, Moveable Feast, Tim DeHuff, Tony DePaolo, Chieli Minucci, Crystal Cymbalogy, and more.

• Tracking for Grammy and Emmy-winning composer/producer Brian Keane for his new record in April.

Winter 2021/2022:

• Dave's busy with sessions as we wait for warmer weather to bring live music back at venues and events, including tracks for Jessy J's upcoming album.

Fall 2021:

• Dave's busy with recording sessions with a number of artists as we head into the cooler months, including smooth jazz artists Jay Rowe and Jessy J, as well as a full schedule of performances at both events and music venues. Check the performances page for upcoming dates with Dave's band Moveable Feast, the Bernie Williams Collective and more.

• Check out the great video Bill Heller produced for the single Last Train from his new release Passage, featuring Andy Snitzer, Brian Dunne, and Dave.

Spring/Summer 2021

• The pandemic afforded many artists the opportunity to use the time off to write and record new material, and Dave was very happy to contribute to new discs by friends and artists that are being released this year: Andy Snitzer, Chieli Minucci, Bill Heller, Jay Rowe, Chris Eminizer, and others. Check the discography page for more info.

• Dave is off and running with a busy schedule this summer as old and new friends make up for lost time scheduling concerts, session, videos, events, and more. Check the performances page for upcoming dates with Jeff Kashiwa, Chieli Minucci, Charlie Lagond, and Dave's own band, Moveable Feast.

• With dates rapidly filling musician's calendars, and music being heard again in public places, private events, and houses of worship, Dave would like to extend his thanks and gratitude to everyone in the business working hard to bring musicians and live music back to eager listeners.

• Dave's killer classic rock band, Moveable Feast, featuring Butch Taylor, Alex Salzman and Tyger MacNeal, is adding new dates to their schedule regularly, with upcoming shows at Tipping Chair Tavern, Woodbury Brewing Company, Fast Eddie's Café, and more. Check out the band's site and the performances page to to find out when they're in your neighborhood...

• As attendance limits increase and more of the public is vaccinated, there's a feeling of optimism for everyone in the music, performing arts, and entertainment industries that we're moving forward and getting closer to putting the COVID pandemic behind us. Dave encourages everyone to continue to follow the guidelines and best current practices as outlined by the CDC so that musicians, and everyone who would love to hear them, will be able to return to normal as quickly as possible.

• With concert dates starting to fill in for this year, Dave has several great shows coming up, with more being added regularly. Check the performances page to stay up to date on the latest additions.

Winter 2020/2021

• As we wait to safely return to public activities, Dave's working at home at Flying Squirrel studio, woodstove roaring and kitties nearby, developing more material for his classic rock project Moveable Feast, working on recording projects for friends and clients, and keeping his chops honed on bass as he continues to develop his latest interests in guitar and singing. 2021 promises to be a wonderful return to music when our current difficulties are behind us!

• Dave appears in a live stream concert with Charlie Lagond's all-star band (Josh Dion, Jon Swift, Nicky Barbato) as part of the "Flip The Stage" virtual performance series at the Lagond Music School on February 27. Check Charlie's site for more info.

Fall 2020

• With most opportunities for live music still on hold, Dave has managed to keep busy with some exciting projects at his studio, Flying Squirrel, as well as various outdoor private events. Many artists and songwriters have turned to video production to stay connected to their fans and listeners, and Dave's been involved in a number of great projects recently, including Danish singer/songwriter Jørgen Kjaer's series of streaming shows of his material. Dave also performed for a video shoot with Jay Prince & Friends for Best of Hudson Valley's annual event, in lieu of their regular yearly live performance. In addition, Dave was part of a live video shoot with drummer John Clay's jazz group to support the Clay Arts Center's annual fundraising gala, with a cameo by renowned latin/jazz guitarist (and former NY Yankees star) Bernie Williams.

• The long-awaited new album by John Fumasoli & The Jones Factor is complete and in final preparations for release, with tracks recorded and mixed at Flying Squirrel studio by Dave as well as Jason Polise's facility in Stamford CT.

• The debut album by fusion vibraphonist Steve Shapiro's power trio, called, aptly, TRI/O, is released in October, featuring Dave and long-time drum cohort Tyger MacNeal. Recorded live at Steve's state-of-the-art studio in NY. Here's a teaser.

• Dave's done tracks recently at Flying Squirrel for new albums in progress by long-time friends Bill Heller and Chris Eminizer, as well as tracks here for projects by Hot Acoustics duo (Alyce and Gary Bertz), producer/composer Larry Edoff, and Philly songwriter Ken Kirsh. He was also at guitarist/engineer Andy Abel's studio in Trumbull CT for sessions for Jay Rowe's upcoming album and single.

• Dave's classic rock project, Moveable Feast, is looking forward to returning to live shows as the live music scene returns to normal next year. Keep an eye out here and on the band's site for updates!

• Live streaming concerts are the next best thing to being there, and Dave has several coming up this fall with different artists. Check the performances page for info.

• Dave contributed bass to French scoring/arranging phenom Christophe Violland's patriotic salute to the good old USA! Offered to inspire citizens to vote, it features a spectacular array of top NYC singing and playing talent. Watch it here.

Spring/Summer 2020

• Dave contributed to a fantastic video with long-time compatriots, Jay Prince & Friends, offering an uplifting message as we navigate these difficult times. The performance is an arrangement of the classics "What the World Needs Now" and "That's the Way of the World", and features vocalists Nicole Wright, Audrey Martells, Dennis Collins, Keith Fluitt, and Jay Prince, along with the whole band. Watch it here on Facebook or Vimeo.

• A number of Dave's public performances this year with various artists, as well as his own groups, are being rescheduled. Check the performances page for updates and be sure to check artist and venue sites also for the most current information.

• As you are certainly aware, the performing arts and live entertainment industries have experienced a complete cessation of activity due to the COVID-19 pandemic. All of us who have devoted our lives to creating and playing music for you are waiting, as you are, for this challenging period to reach its conclusion so that we may safely return to doing what we love. Until that point, please keep up with all of us through our social media accounts and web sites like this one, so we can let you know where and when you'll be able to hear and see us when our lives return to normal.

• Big News! Dave's classic rock project, Moveable Feast, has launched and will be performing throughout the CT and NY areas. The band has its own site: moveablefeastband.com, as well as a facebook page: Moveable Feast. Check there to keep up with our upcoming dates!

• Dave will perform with the house band at Jay Rowe's 14th annual Smooth Jazz for Scholars benefit concert Apr 29/30.


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